Posted on Jun 11, 2020


How Much Does It Cost to Install or Replace A Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a device that can cool or heat your home by moving heat from a certain source to a different location. During warm seasons, the unit diverts heat from your house to the outdoors. The opposite happens in cold seasons. Heat pumps work extremely well in heating or cooling a home or building.

Heat Pump’s Life Expectancy
The system’s life expectancy relies on many different factors like your location, the type of North Myrtle Beach heat pump installed, and how well you take care of your heat pump. These systems usually last for an average of 15 years, although some units wear out only after ten years of constant use. Some of the most recent units that are being manufactured today can last much longer than that.

Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

How you maintain your heat pump is the primary factor that determines the lifespan of the unit. There are some ways to help you make sure that the system is well taken care of, thus help increase its life expectancy.
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